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Cheer Up Luv Eliza HatchHeroinic Stories

Cheer Up Luv

Cheer Up Luv is a photojournalism series, created by Eliza Hatch, dedicated to combating the normalisation of sexual harassment. Photographs are taken on location where the harassment took place, which gives women the ability to reclaim those spaces.
15th August 2018

Helen Trompeteler

Helen Trompeteler is a Curator of Photography with over fifteen years experience working with museum collections, galleries and arts organisations.
11th August 2018
Lisa KatsiarisHeroinic Stories

Lisa Katsiaris

Lisa Katsiaris’s images are characterised by their serene, contemplative mood, but their origin is anything but calm. She explains how photography helped her through personal tragedy and to redefine her life.
10th August 2018