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Thembe Mvula © Jussara Nazare

Achieving charitable status in 2020, Hundred Heroines is the only UK charity dedicated to advancing public awareness of women in photography (the “Heroines”) – past, present and future. Positioning photography as a catalyst for social change, Heroines worldwide are highlighting inequalities, pushing boundaries, tackling taboo subjects, and examining difficult social issues while creating extraordinary works of art. The organisation is wholly dedicated to encouraging wider public interest in the work of women photographers. They do this via an accessible and richly varied programme of creative, social, and educational opportunities, which include: a dynamic online platform, finding innovative ways of taking world-class photography out of the “white cube” and into urban spaces where wider audiences can engage with the work (for example, displayed on digital bus stops) and our Bootcamp programme that encourages young women to engage with photography and find their own creative voice. For Internaitonal Women’s Day, they launched an initiative in partnership with the Museum of Gloucester, to find 100 women to make portraits of 100 inspirational women locally.