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Lesson Focus and Goals:

  • To discuss what the students like/do not like about Earth
  • To be inspired by the work of Women in Photography
  • To create individual collages depicting the students’ dream planets

Materials Needed:

  • A3 Paper
  • Craft supplies – magazines, newspapers and other found imagery.

Learning Objectives:

To discuss the importance of preserving Earth and its environment while creating an illustrative depiction of their ideas

Structure / Activity:

  • Class discussion about what they like/don’t like about Earth and if they could create a new planet for everyone to live, what would it include?
  • Using a projector or individual tablets, look at the work of Lorna Simpson and how she creates collages, discuss as a class what messages she is trying to convey with each selected image within one collage
  • Using the craft supplies, students should start by collecting imagery that represent what they would like to see on their perfect planet
  • Start creating their Perfect Planet collages
  • Once students have finished, either select students or walk around each table as a class to learn about each others interpretations
  • Conclude the lesson by discussing why the students feel its important to protect the environment and to be able to keep the things they like about Earth


This task is to inspire creativity through a lens of social and environmental activism. By learning about the work of a leading women in photography, this can inspire new channels of self-expression and how you can visually tell a story