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By 22nd September 2022April 27th, 2023No Comments

What's it all about?

Gloucester is undergoing great changes and we want to enlist your help to create a photographic archive for the future, an archive that showcases Gloucester in the 2020s.  We are looking for enthusiastic individuals and organisations to join us in creating the archive. The result of the Glostorama! won’t just be views of streets, but an eclectic mix of details, urban landscapes, people, wildlife and anything else people want to photograph.

Once we have an image of every street in Gloucester, we’ll stage an exhibition in the city, but it doesn’t stop there … this will be an ongoing initiative, documenting the city’s heritage and transformation.  The pictures will also be added to an online, living archive of the future.

The exhibition will be an opportunity for everyone to see their work and for people outside the community to experience local perspectives in Gloucester.