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KCAW 2020

Heba Y. Amin

By 30th September 2020No Comments
Heba Y. Amin, Operation Sunken Sea: Relocating the Mediterranean, Inaugural Speech, 2018, 18′ 21” Video Still.  Courtesy of the artist.

When I see the future, I close my eyes

“Heba Y. Amin’s research-based practice proposes speculative, often satirical, approaches to understanding the enduring impact that technology has on political and territorial realities. Curated by Anthony Downey, When I see the future, I close my eyes presents a series of ongoing works that stem from these issues […] Throughout the exhibition, Amin conveys the ways in which the apparently regional politics of the Middle East, as evidenced in these projects, relate to broader global concerns about surveillance, dictatorships, and the emergence of digital authoritarianism.”