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Alexandra Boulat

By 23rd August 2021August 31st, 2021No Comments

Alexander Boulat stands in one of her photographs, of Arkan’s Tigers.

The Albanians © Alexandra Boulat / VII. Bankrupt Albanians took over the Army barracks and ruled the country for a few weeks.

Women in the Middle East © Alexandra Boulat / VII. Thousands of Shiite Women attend the Friday prayer at the Imam Reza mosque in Mashhad, on the last Friday before 2004 Ramadan. Mashhad, Iran. October 2004.

Women in the Middle East © Alexandra Boulat / VII. At one of Tehran government’s women well-being center, a refuge for single women or women with social problems. Mrs. Eftekhari, a deputy in the Iranian Parliament wearing the Islamic Chador, is visiting the sanctuary, invited there for an Iftar party during the holy month of Ramadan. October 2004, Tehran, Iran.