Susan Derges

The British contemporary photographic artist Susan Derges studied as a painter at the Chelsea School of Art and then at The Slade in London. A PhD. research trip to study at Tsukuba University in Japan was the catalyst for Derges first major body of work inspired by Chaldni and Japanese minimalist culture.

The eight unique works called Chaldni Figures were produced in 1983 by applying a mineral powder to an aluminium plate covered with photographic paper. A small electronic sine wave produced new shapes on photographic paper referencing Chladni’s technique of visualisation of sound waves and producing photograms of the pattern of sound.

Although her studies in London were important Derges found inspiration in Japanese aesthetics including a more thoughtful way of life that valued economy of means, lightness of touch and the clarity of communicating minimally.

Derges continues to work with photography to create her camera less experimental images, typically incorporating natural elements, photographic paper, bursts of flash light and moon light to create photographic images both in her studio and in the Devonshire landscape where she currently resides.

Her works can be found in many prestigious collections including The Victoria and Albert Museum in London,The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Hara Art Museum in Tokyo as well as many private collections.

By Megan Ringrose

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