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Anne Hardy

Anne Hardy is an internationally recognised British artist known for her photography and large-scale sculptural installations called FIELDWORKS which combine physical materials with light and sound to create immersive and sensual environments. Anne’s photographs feature empty rooms invoking a surreal fiction.

She builds each of her sets entirely from scratch, feeling each piece of material used as part of her process. For her photographs and installation work, Anne often uses materials discarded by others or items she finds in DIY shops and markets.

Cables, Christmas lights, bottles, balloons, and glassware are all materials you will see in her work. She isn’t interested in things that have value, but how they come together. For her sculptural installation work, Anne constructs environments you can enter into, creating ‘kind of an envelope that you can be inside.’

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Her work has been featured Vitamin PH: New Perspectives in Photography and Charlotte Cotton‘s book The Photograph as Contemporary Art as well as magazines including Dazed & Confused, The Guardian, Photography Now, Tank, and Art Review. Her work has been held in public collections at the V&A, Venice Biennale Art Festival, New York at Bellwether Gallery, Arts Council Collection, and in Vienna.

In 2019, Anne was commissioned by Tate Britain, London to create ‘The Depth of Darkness, the Return of the Light’ for their annual Winter Commission. Most recently she was commissioned by London City Airport for Destination London which aims to communicate a vivid sense of the layered histories of London, expressed through the diverse botanical life found around London City Airport, including service areas and runways. Through a series of imagined and atmospheric landscapes, presented as a sequence of five large photogram artworks, visitors will encounter the rich flora of the local area.

Anne has held artist residencies at Camden Arts Centre, London in 2011 and Live in the Studio at Modern Art Oxford in 2014. In 2021 she will be Artist in Residence at The Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas. Her work will also be included in British Art Show 9.

By Molly Merwin

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