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Film Trailer

Cholitas y Cholets

By 28th October 2020October 30th, 2020No Comments

The trailer for today’s Film Festival, Cholitas y Cholets, explores both the fashion and the architecture in modern Bolivia.

Lucía Anaya (VICE) travels between La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia to meet with the new fashionable middle class and the father of Neo-Andean architecture, Freddy Mamani.

The vibrant colourful buildings pop against the rocky backdrops to make them feel like they’ve fallen from a 1970’s psychedelic poster. As Lucía meets with Freddy he explains that his signature style is the combination of geometric designs with bright colours and wanting to break away from typical Bolivian architecture.

The film explores the vivid green Principe Alexander building which is valued at $2million and has it’s very own football court. Owned by fashion designer, Alejandro Chino Kispe this ornate building appeals to the modern people.

With ballrooms sandwiched between stores and apartments in each building it’s clear that the new fashionable Cholitas value working hard and playing hard.

Due to a recent economic boom in Bolivia, a new middle class of Cholitas are valuing their identity in a globalised world.

“Nowadays in Bolivia, we are all fashion icons”

As hard workers, during the day Cholitas can be found working in the stores, in government or even in the ring. However, during their downtime you can find them in roughly five skirts, a shawl and a bowl-shaped hat spinning in grand halls.

This film explores an indigenous pride in a modern landscape.

Tune in tonight 18:00 BST