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Rahima Gambo’s Bird Song Orientations

By 19th April 2022No Comments

Rahima Gambo’s new multimedia exhibition is showing in Johannesburg.

An ongoing multimedia series Bird Song Orientations highlights the interpersonal connections within Nigerian urban environments. Bird Song Orientations is now open and showing until 6th May 2022 at The Stevenson Gallery in Johannesburg.

Rahima’s multimedia documentary exhibition centres on childhood improvisation and colloquial methods of self-development. Focusing on a select group of students from within Maiduguri, Nigeria. She documents the students during collaborative workshops; where they perform choreographed scenes.

Using multiple mediums within this exhibition. Using photography, videography, collage and installations she has created from clay, soil & copper. The artist describes using these found materials from the landscape “as a way of creating an alternative territory that evades the ‘capture’ of the camera and eludes the enclosure of linear, fixed narratives”.

The exhibition began with the word Tatsuniya. Taken from the Hausa word for fairytale.

The students are documented moving from the classroom to the forest. Using children’s games, poetry & exercises from an educational book as their framework for weaving a visual narrative together.