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6 Things to see at Australia’s Photo 22

By 18th May 2022May 23rd, 2022No Comments

PHOTO 2022 Highlights: Solo Exhibitions

Five contemporary Heroines feature amid the diverse festival programme, contributing works from iconic self-portraiture to crucial documentary series. Here are six events to keep an eye out for as the biennale approaches its final weeks.

CINDY SHERMANUntitled Film Still

Town Hall Precinct

Untitled Film Still, one of the most recognisable images from Cindy’s legendary Untitled Film Stills series, will be installed across the entire Flinders Street facade of the Atrium at Fed Square, overlooking Hosier Lane. Integrated into the urban landscape, the image is the largest single work at PHOTO 2022. Until 22nd May


Town Hall Precinct

Inspired by documentaries, reality television, and the performative nature of identity, Gillian frequently turns the lens on herself. In this exhibition, Gillian used artificial intelligence and age-processing tools to depict her possible future selves. The work contemplates uncertainty and the nature of ageing in the contemporary world. Until 22nd May.

HODA AFSHAR – Speak the Wind


In Speak the Wind, Hoda explores the islands off the southern coast of Iran, in the Strait of Hormuz. Using photography and film, she documents the beauty of the landscape and the rituals and lives of the region’s communities. Until 26th June.

POULOMI BASU – Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile

State Library Precinct

A critically acclaimed series, Poulomi’s Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile is a transmedia activism project which reveals the social, emotional, and physical consequences of normalised violence against women, perpetrated under the guise of tradition in Nepal and India. In particular, it exposes how the ritualistic expulsion of menstruating women and girls compounds their experiences of violence and injustice. Until 22nd May.

PHOTO 2022 Highlights: Group Exhibitions

INDU ANTONY – A Bell Rings Across the Valley


In A Bell Rings Across the Valley, five artists from across South Asia and its diaspora have been brought together to represent complex experiences of identity, heritage, and change. Focusing her work on the body as a site of representation, particularly in a feminist context, Indu explores ‘tonalities of inward discussions which later on [burst] out into the communal spaces’. Until 26th June.

EMERGING ARTISTS – New Photographers

James Makin Gallery

Photo Australia’s showcase of Victoria’s most exciting emerging photographers returns with seven artists who ‘bring new perspectives to the human experience, photography and visual culture.’ Curated by Photo Australia, the exhibition features the work of Isabella Darcy, Rachel Main, Jake Nemirovsky, Jahkarli Romanis, João Marco Deloie, J Davies, and Olivia Mròz. Until 22nd May.