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Advent Calendar 2020

4th DecemberAdvent Calendar 2020

4th December

The first of our anagram puzzles today, created by Deborah King (Trustee) and Alice Jones (volunteer).  Click on the image to reveal the answer and a link to the artist's profile.  And if you need a hint, start here!
Del Barrett
3rd December 2020
Advent Calendar 2020

3rd December

Have you found your ‘peace’ of art? By Ashley Brown Put down the cake, it turns out happiness really is a piece of art. Before you roll your eyes and tell me you are yet to find a painting more satisfying than your lemon drizzle, hear me out. I never considered myself…
1st December 2020
Advent Calendar 2020

1st December

© Esther Bubley, courtesy of Jean Bubley and the Esther Bubley Archive Did you know that Esther Bubley's first job in photography was at the Office of War Information (OWI)?
Del Barrett
27th November 2020
5th DecemberAdvent Calendar 2020

5th December

For today’s advent calendar, we’ve got a mindfulness activity... Switch off the news, play your favourite music and don’t give Christmas dinner another thought, because for serene saturday we’ve got adult colouring in. (Also perfect to distract the kids, while you do have to get through that ever growing to-do list!). In…
Del Barrett
21st November 2020