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Advent Calendar 2020

2nd December

By 1st December 2020March 25th, 2021No Comments

Read Camera Girl! 

It’s easy to get lost in Camera Girl. The autobiographical account of Doreen Spooner, Fleet Street’s first and finest woman photographer, begins exactly where you don’t expect: the doorway of a ladies’ loo in a London pub. Now caught off-kilter, you find yourself in the heart of something familiar to everyone with their finger on the pulse of the Swinging Sixties and its scandals – the Profumo Affair. Doreen is, of course, secretly taking a picture of Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies, the two most talked-about women in the world for their role in the national scandal. Despite being chased off by the pub’s landlord, Spooner scooped the scoop, beating every male journalist within a half-mile radius of the pub’s door to the punch. What follows is a career unlike any other. Packed with heartaches and humour, Camera Girl is the story of a Fleet Street legend who often finds herself in incredible situations, a woman who would stand on the frontlines of history, taking unforgettable pictures of everyone from striking miners to Hollywood stars. An inspirational, refreshing read.

Recommendation from Kirtey Verma, Volunteer