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Advent Calendar 2022

4th December

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My Christmas Playlist

Hi there, I’m Twig. You may or may not know me, I work with Del on the website and I love Christmas! I really do.  It’s the time of the year when the world just seems to be a little kinder, a little warmer in Spirit and a little cosier at home.  The lights, the decorations add to the ambience, but there’s nothing quite like a Christmas music playlist to set the tone.  I have created a Spotify Playlist with 24 of my favourite Christmas albums, (there’s a preview below and you can login to Spotify to shuffle the entire thing).  So grab a hot chocolate or eggnog latte, press shuffle play and enjoy over 16hrs of Christmas tunes!!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Twig xxx (P.S I own all of the Albums on CD but it’s a little difficult to share those!)

Need a cosy Fireplace? This is my favourite virtual fire, I have this on my TV during the day for extra ambience!!!