Josie Purcell

You Don’t Belong Here

These images are made in response to exclusion from the English countryside due to private, corporate, military, heritage and/or local authority landownership rights.

The ‘weeds’ symbolise the unwanted, while the bottle encloses; they are in the place they are allocated.

The work explores the right to roam and common ground, linking to how people from diverse backgrounds access (or can’t) the land in which they live.

And with 92% of land and 97% of England’s rivers1 off limits to the public, it is time we fully addressed this.

Working in eco-conscious ways, I aim to minimise my own photographic footprint. This trio is created with nature, unprocessed expired black and white paper and digital manipulation.

The vibrant yet slightly adrift colours overlaid from the lumen print of the plants provide a glitch in what we might expect to see, reminding us of how society thinks things should be, while the high contrast imagery creates a visual ‘loudness’ in a topic that many would still rather silence.

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