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February 2024: 5 Exhibitions to See

By 5th February 2024March 18th, 2024No Comments

Pixy Liao: Comfort Zone

Blindspot Gallery, 23rd January 2024 – 9th March 2024

Comfort Zone is Pixy Liao’s first solo exhibition at Blindspot Gallery, marking her debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition features selected works recently created by Pixy, encompassing photography, video, and ready-made sculpture. Liao is known for her staged photographs of her and partner Moro, who is Japanese and five years her junior. Tongue-in-cheek and imbued with a sense of humour, Pixy’s work straddles between the performative and the autobiographical, unveiling her and Moro’s growing relationship.

Zineb Sedira: Let’s go on singing!

Goodman Gallery, London, 8th February 2024 – 13th March 2024

Zineb Sedira’s work has enriched the debate around the concepts of modernism, modernity and its manifestations in an inclusive way for over the fifteen years of her practice. She has also raised awareness of artistic expression and the contemporary experience in North Africa. She found inspiration initially in researching her identity as a woman with a singular personal geography. From these autobiographical concerns she gradually shifted her interest to more universal ideas of mobility, memory and transmission.

Sheher, Prakriti, Devi

Ishara Art Foundation, 19th January 2024 – 1st June 2024

Sheher, Prakriti, Devi marks artist and photographer Gauri Gill’s first extensive curation in an art context. Ruminating on the interwoven relationship between dynamic cities, the natural environment and the inseparable sacred, the show presents twelve artists and collectives working across diverse contexts of urban, rural, domestic, communitarian, public and non-material spaces.

Sheher, Prakriti, Devi includes works by Chamba Rumal, Chiara Camoni, Gauri Gill, Ladhki Devi, Mariam Suhail, Meera Mukherjee, Mrinalini Mukherjee, Rashmi Kaleka, Shefalee Jain, Sukanya Ghosh, Vinnie Gill and Yoshiko Crow.

The Earth has Shifted

L’Atlas Gallery, 18th January 2024 – 17th February 2024

Last year, geophysicists published a study reporting a change in our planet’s rotational axis caused by our excessive use of water, shifting how the earth’s mass is distributed. The artists in The Earth has Shifted have been invited to think about an Earth off-kilter, off-axis, where experiences or ruptures have left a trace or shift in our environment – difficult to convey or describe, yet present in our psyches.

The Earth has Shifted gathers nine artists under the curation of Sarina Basta, from the cooperative Radicants: Marlon de Azambuja, Fadia Haddad, Mohammad Ghazali,Hussein Nassereddine, Neda Razavipour, Hessam Samavatian, Azzedine Saleck, Baktash Sarang and Nil Yalter.

Bitch Magic

Alma Pearl, 26th January 2024 – 2nd March 2024

Bitch Magic brings together a cross-generational group of women and non-binary artists whose work offers radical feminist perspectives through themes associated with folklore, the magical or the esoteric.

The exhibiting artists are Renate Bertlmann, Ayla Dmyterko, Permindar Kaur, Rebecca Parkin, Tai Shani, Penny Slinger, Georgina Starr, Unyimeabasi Udoh and the artist duo Cullinan Richards.