Hinda Schuman

My first career was as a teacher in grades 1-8 specializing in reading. I taught in a long-forgotten darkroom resurrected for the reading program. It was there I discovered the magic that can occur when a print comes to life in a tray of chemistry. I have an MFA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University. I was a staff photographer for 20 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I work in long form documentary projects. Dear Shirley, published by Daylight Books in 2018 is the story of my divorce from Jeremy in 1981 and my falling in love with Susan and coming out as a Lesbian. The book is in two parts. The first is my divorce and coming out story. The second part is 25 years later when Susan and I separated. A musical based on Dear Shirley has been created by Kevin Hammonds and Kristen Bair.

Often, I find my inspiration for projects from volunteering. “Done Doing Time” and “Halfway Home” are about incarcerated women and what life is like for two women when they return to their home communities. Please visit http://hindaschuman.net for these and more projects. My work has been seen in several individual and group shows in the US and internationally.

I was born in Brooklyn NY in 1948.

I currently live in Philadelphia PA with my wife, Susan.

November 2021 Philadelphia PA. US.

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