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About Glostorama!

By 8th October 2021April 27th, 2023No Comments

What’s it all about?

Hundred Heroines HQ has moved to Gloucester and the celebrate, we want to enlist your help to create a photographic archive for the future, an archive that showcases Gloucester in the 2020s.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals and organisations to join us in creating the archive. The result of the Glostorama! won’t just be views of streets, but an eclectic mix of details, urban landscapes, people, wildlife and anything else people want to photograph.

Over six months we will be offering prompts, workshops and talks to get you on your photography routes…Once we have an image of every street in Gloucester, we’ll stage an exhibition in the city for 2022.  The pictures will also be added to an online, living archive of the future.

  • The exhibition will be an opportunity for everyone to see their work and for people outside the community to experience local perspectives in Gloucester.


What happens if there are two photos of the same street?

We’re looking for variety and so it doesn’t matter!

How do I submit my image?

Upload it to Instagram (or IG stories) tagging us @hundredheroines and #Glostorama!

Alternatively you can post via Twitter or Facebook and tag us @hundredheroines and remember to use the hashtag #Glostorama!

Not on social media? No problem, feel free to email us at

I only use film

That’s fine, as long as you can upload a scan to social media or email.

Who owns the copyright?

Each photographer retains the copyright to their photographs at all times.

Who can get involved?

Anyone! Whether you’re a Gloucester-local or just passing through, we want to see the city from your perspective!

Children under 16 are allowed to participate but for any events, we ask them to be accompanied by an adult.

Useful Tips

  • Take a snapshot of the sign at the start of the street and at the end, it makes working out what was where much easier when you get home
  • Be prepared for all weathers – this is Britain, after all!  Layers are good, as is sturdy footwear.
  • Keep safe – no photograph is worth getting injured; it’s easy to carried away when you have that perfect picture in sight.

Small Print

  • Copyright belongs to the photographer, but by tagging your image, you accept that we have the right to use the image for publicity, on our platforms, website and newsletter.
  • You participate at your own risk
  • Please respect private property and people’s privacy
  • Under 16 year-olds should be accompanied by an adult


The project is inspired by Geoff Nicholson’s Whitbread short-listed novel, Bleeding London, in which a character named Stuart London walks the complete length and breadth of London; we’ve transported the project to Gloucester.  And Geoff will be providing tips, as well as leading some walks in Gloucester during the project.

Two members of the Hundred Heroines team led a similar project in London (2014) and some of the boards from the exhibition are shown below.