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In recent years there has been a push for more young women and girls to enter the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It seems as though STEM is a bit of a boys club but we know that’s not the true story…

For our Exposure 2022 exhibition we want to highlight the women photographers who have given exposure to the women scientists of the 20th Century, proving that STEM has always been a field for women.

From Irish photographer Elizabeth Le Blond scaling mountains in her heavy dresses for the perfect image to Berenice Abbott photographing a female programmer wiring an IMB machine, we want to celebrate women supporting women.

Discover more about why we chose Women in STEM…

Why Women in STEM?Register for Women in STEAM: Photography Talk with Mónica Alcázar Duarte & Wendy McMurdo

Full STEAM Ahead Open Call

In the past few years, there has been a push to include Art within STEM, understanding the intertwining relationships of science and art and to rally for a greater representation of women within all these fields.

Now it’s over to YOU, we are looking for images that celebrate women in STEM. This can be portraits or images that celebrate the accomplishments of women and their discoveries/inventions such as the dishwasher, star luminosity or the chocolate chip cookie

All submissions will go on a digital STEAM wall.

To enter your image, fill in the form below.

Submissions close January 8, 11:59pm GMT


Who can take part?

Anyone, regardless of gender!

The mission of Full STEAM Ahead is to increase visibility of Women in STEM, so this is a group effort!

How do I submit my image?

Submit via the form above!

Please only submit images that are your own.

What will happen to my image?

All images will go on our Full STEAM Ahead digital wall!

Who owns the copyright?

Each photographer retains the copyright to their photographs at all times.

How do I find my subject?

As the mission behind Full STEAM Ahead is about improving visibility around Women in STEM it important that you have the subject’s permission.

We’re also looking for as much detail about them such as their names and their line of work!

When do I need to submit my image by?

Submissions end by January 8, 11:59pm GMT