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Visual Marshmallows

By 9th June 2020October 22nd, 2020No Comments

We’re excited to welcome you to our new platform IG: @visualmarshmallows where we’ll be highlighting the best of your visual responses to our Marshmallow Challenges.
The Marshmallow Challenges will be based on images in our online exhibition, Cabinet of Remedies, and also our Online Film Festival.
We look forward to seeing your responses, growing this space and sharing your images in the @visualmarshmallows gallery. And we hope that you enjoy the creative processes.
In June, we’re doing a 30-day challenge. To get involved:
1) Follow @visualmarshmallows on IG
2) Sign up here to receive the daily challenge in your inbox or bookmark this page, where the challenges will be posted each day at 08.00 (BST).

  • Submit your image(s) to   (maximum 1350 px on the longest side)
  • If you miss any of the challenges, you can pick them up at anytime.
  • By submitting, you agree that Hundred Heroines can post your image to Instagram.
  • Copyright remains with the creator at all times

Sign up here to receive the daily challenge straight into your inbox.

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