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Flash Fiction Friday August 28th

By 28th August 2020August 13th, 2021No Comments

How to Participate

Create a piece of flash fiction using Trish’s image as the prompt.

  • Maximum 100 words, excluding the title
  • One challenge: You must use the words “separate”, “seasonal” and “survival”.
  • You are welcome to share up to five pieces
  • Submit as an attachment to an email to
  • (Optional) include your social media handles and/or link to your website
  • Deadline – 18:00 (BST) Thursday 3rd September 2020
  • A selection will be published on our website over the next few weeks

Trish’s Inspiration 

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, my perception of time became distorted. Days dragged on while weeks seemed to fly by.  Living in a remote rural setting meant I was insulated from much of the restrictions, but I found trying to work with children at home was impossible. My creative energy was diverted into the domestic sphere. Meeting my family’s needs and keeping everyone sane and well nourished became my priority. Life slowed down.  This photograph Self Portrait with Snail, June 3rd, 2020 depicts my full submission, without resistance or friction to this new dynamic.” (Trish Morrissey, 2020)

Small Print

  • By entering your work, you agree that it can be published on our website and used to promote the Cabinet of Remedies initiative.
  • You will be credited as the author of the work on our website.
  • You retain the copyright over your work at all times.