Click images to return to gallery. Explore Ellen’s page for more information about her practice and the origins of the phrase Struck by Light.   Download the exhibition pdf for further information about the artists exhibiting with Ellen.

Nettie Edwards
Meesha Holley
Poppy Lekner
Ky Lewis | Kataryna Snizhko | Cristina Fonsare
Lucy Bentham | Joanna Vestey
Joanna Vestey
Liz Harrington | Lucy Bentham
Erika G Santos Meesha Holley | Liz Harrington
Lucy Bentham | Jessy Boon Cowler
Kataryna Snizhko | Ky Lewis
Anna Luk Sonia Mangiapane 
Kataryna Snizhko | Emile Poiret Brown
Emile Poiret Brown
Lauren Spencer | Poppy Lekner | Lauren Spencer  
Cristina Fonsare | Lauren Spencer Cristina Fonsare
Meesha Holley

Catalogue designed by Elle Bloomberg