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A Talk with Lola Flash – On Saturday, November 6th at 5:00 PM, Photographers Lola Flash and Paola Paredes come together to discuss marginalised perspectives within photography

Lola Flash


This series, Salt, features women who are 70 plus years old, who are still passionately engaged in their life’s work at the time of their portrait sessions. In a culture where beauty is equated with youth, these women are not only striking but accomplished and making significant contributions to society. The women are photographed at home in order to capture the texture of their personal lives. This series aims to combat the invisibility that some older women experience, and to highlight the deep rooted cultural and societal biases that remove older women from the public sphere. Flash works in the tradition of 20th century portraiture, using a four by five large format camera because she believes that this process conveys the importance of the sitting to the subject and yields a truer image, transmitting the energy spirit and seriousness of both the women and the endeavour.

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