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Black Photographer

Dr Ingrid PollardMicroblog

Ingrid Pollard

Ingrid Pollard is an award winning artist who uses different photographic processes alongside printmaking, installation, video, and audio to shed new light on important subjects.
Gabby Kynoch
29th September 2021
Golden High Heals sit on patterned fabric, an image taken by Joy GregoryMicroblog

Joy Gregory

Joy Gregory is an award-winning photographer who uses a variety of photographic techniques, including digital technology and Victorian camera-less methods
Becky Handley
20th October 2020

Eileen Perrier

Eileen Perrier is an acclaimed photographer whose work typically focuses on portraiture. From a Dominican and Ghanaian background, her work explores her dual heritage by questioning cultural identity and diversity.
Melissa Spreadborough
19th October 2020
Yagazie EmeziMicroblog

Yagazie Emezi

Artist and photojournalist Yagazie Emezi uses photography to explore the lives of African women through the lens of health, sexuality and education.
Becky Handley
17th October 2020

Joana Choumali

Photographer Joana Choumali from Côte d’Ivoire, incorporates embroidery into her work to explore identity & diversity within different African cultures.
Becky Handley
17th October 2020