A random selection of images from the heroines we’ve met on our journey.  From February, we’ll be showing curated galleries.

Shopna © Suki Dhanda
Lexington Street © Carla Borel
From Sisters of the Road © Anne-Marie Michel
Women's Work, Sierra Leone, 2008 © Lee Karen Stow
Isabella, The Conversation, Mexico 2019 © Marysa Dowling
Salt 1 © Tee Chandler
Out of the Shadows © Carol Allen-Storey
Cyndi Lauper © Circe Hamilton
Homage to Monet © Tessa Traeger
Marianne Faithfull 1978 © Sandra Lousada
OH MAMA © Megan Bendall
Kraken © Andrea Witzmann
Rivera Bad Girls LA 1983 © Janette Beckman
Ethiopian migrants © Susan Schulman
© Chin We
Solitary Universe #2 - Japan © Petulia Mattioli
'Made for Mission' project - Baptism on Brighton Beach © Sandra Harper
Zerograms © Ellen Carey
Lady Sanity © Ellie Ramsden
Child Refugees Kosovo - © Amelia Troubridge
Metro Mir © Katharina Gruzei
Scabious, Rowes of Guisborough, Cleveland from the series FarmerFlorist © Tessa Bunney
Stephen Hawkings © Karen Fuchs
Mum's not the word © Denise Felkin
© Laura Lamb Mallet
Luciana Berger © Emma Blau
Jay © Reme Campos
Heavens, aged 10 from the series 'In Between' © Carolyn Mendelsohn
Patti Smith © Tricia de Courcy Ling