Dana Popa

Mara and Julião with home made loaf during the strict lockdown imposed as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.  London, May 2020 © Dana Popa

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Private moments

by Ashley Brown

As the camera flashed, the image grabbed me. They waited patiently, safely behind their mask till Mummy was done. “Is it ready yet?” he called out from the living room now a shade lighter. It cut short my private moment. Though, that’s how they have always been, compromising with the hidden and unexpected. Slow, fast and perfect.

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“Mummy, take our picture!”

by Philippa Thapa Magar

“Mummy, take our picture!”


Big sister, little brother, giggling, grappling to keep each other and their loaf from falling.

Two bodies, four hands, hours of work. Kneading and waiting, rolling and shaping, proving and baking. The gratification of tearing the crust, savouring the crumb (slathered in real butter, of course) delayed momentarily.


Satisfied, they tear into the loaf. Little fingers – bigger than they used to be, but still – ferry, steaming handfuls into eager mouths. More giggling.

Camera down. She smiles and quietly continues to capture each moment. Click, whirr, store. Each moment, etched into her memory forever.