Installation Art

Nobukho’s work is an installation.

Making installation art involves using mixed-media (different materials and objects) to assemble an artwork for a particular location.

It’s usually temporary and often huge!

This installation uses polythene plastic bags, a mattress and bed frame, a beside table, a sofa, a paraffin lamp, a Bible, a coffee mug, and bricks. 

Looking Closer

  1. Looking closer at the two images above, examine details such as textures, materials, repetition of patterns, colours and lines. 
  2. What’s the mood of the installation? Is it calm, dramatic, cold, mysterious, controlled, chaotic, lifeless, warm, joyful, luxurious, comfortable, soft, harsh…? 
  3. How has this atmosphere been created? 
  4. Spend 3 minutes sketching what you see the second image. As you draw, think about the symbolism (connotations and associations) of different objects in the installation.
  5. Drawing arrows to the objects, write a few words describing what they make you think of, or feel. 
  6. So far, any ideas?…what do you think this artwork is about?

Images © Nobukho Nqaba

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