New Year Bootcamp

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Looking for a challenging New Year project that will boost your CV?

Come and join us for two weeks at Heroines Bootcamp!

Hundred Heroines is a registered charity that aims to advance art and education for the general public. We work to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of photography and the visual arts, with a particular focus on the contribution of women to photography.

In an age where photographic images are ubiquitous, it is important to acknowledge the imbalance that exists between the experiences of men and women in photography, a disparity that affects the experiences of the general public who ‘consume’ photographic images. HH addresses the gender disparity in the visual arts and photography especially, recognising the need to increase awareness of the contribution women have made and continue to make.

We are looking for volunteer content writers, researchers, and people with creative flair to help us redress the balance and celebrate the contribution of women in photography. We hope throughout the course of the bootcamp you can help us get closer to achieving our vision of the universal acknowledgement of photographic heroines past, present, and future.

The main mission is simple: to compile online content about women in photography. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Researching and writing material
  • Finding links to other work the heroines have done
  • Finding any heroines’ content available online under the Creative Commons license
  • Inputting and sharing the findings through different channels, including updating wikis.

To take part in Bootcamp you will need to be able to commit a minimum of 20 hours over two weeks. You will also need to be able to:

  • Write creatively and share our passion for what we do
  • Use IT skills to present your work
  • Have great communication skills and attention to detail

Additional duties may include:

  • Producing social media content from this work
  • Writing creative responses to the images
  • Learning how to upload content to the website and wiki

Possessing knowledge – and appreciation – of women in photography would be the icing on the cake! One of our ways of encouraging audience engagement is through inviting poetry and flash fiction responses to images, so creative writers, flash fiction authors, and poets – or anyone willing to give creative writing a go – are urged to apply.

Finding time for volunteering can be a complicated feat, but volunteering experience is a huge asset to any CV. That’s why we designed the Bootcamp to be virtual and flexible, meaning you can tailor the project to your own busy schedule. Completing the Heroines Bootcamp will give you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd, whilst helping you hone skills and gain experience in the creative industries. We will provide a testimonial for your CV and an endorsement on LinkedIn, subject to satisfactory completion of Bootcamp. You can also benefit from the opportunity to learn exclusively from experts in the field, and get to know like-minded individuals. Veteran Bootcampers will also be invited to apply for a 3-month paid internship opportunity with Hundred Heroines.

The Bootcamp begins on 11th January and will run until the 22nd January, during which time bootcampers will complete a minimum of 20 hours volunteering. It is mostly up to you when you choose to spend this time, but we will be available to support your progress and facilitate virtual meetings with fellow volunteers.

If you are interested in participating, register your interest via the Bootcamp 2021 sign up form.

Questions? Email us at

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